Customized 10KW Off Grid Solar System For Outdoor
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Customized 10KW Off Grid Solar System For Outdoor

We are one of the most professional manufacturers and suppliers in 10kw off grid solar power system from China, supplying best quality off grid solar system products and good service. 10KW solar system Off-grid with batteries, independent power generation system.
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Customized 10KW Off Grid Solar System For Outdoor

Features of 10KW solar system kit 

- Solar Panels: 15-year warranty. 144 Cells half cell MBB mono module. Application A grade class. Junction Box: IP68

- Solar Off Grid Inverter: AC grid charger build in Japan IGBT material 3-years warranty

- Combiner Box: Wide range of DC input voltage,thunder and lightning protection

- Battery: LiFePO4, deep cycle, provide the stable DC power for inverter DC input

- Mounting Bracket: All aluminum structure solar mounting system, ground solar mounting system and 

flat roof & workshop roof mounting etc.

- PV Cable: IP67 rate waterproof  photovoltaic adapters, easy to installation.

Application of customized 10KW off-grid solar system 

10KW Solar System Kit Suppliers

- How to customize my off-grid solar power generation system?

Before our design, we need to know your following points:

1. Where is your solar power system used? What is the daylight radiation of that place?

2. What is the load power of the system?

3. What is the type of output voltage, DC or AC?

4. How many hours does the system need to work every day?

5. How many days does the solar system need to supply power continuously in rainy weather?

6. What is the type of load condition, purely resistive or capacitive, or inductive, and what is the starting current?

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