SIGOLED Lighting Co., Ltd.

        SIGOLED Lighting ,established in 2009, is professional led lighting enterprise relying on Huaqiao University, which was founded for the educational needs of overseas Chinese and the children of returned overseas Chinese, and it''s subordinate to the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China.Base on good cooperation with Huaqiao University Optics and Photonics Institute , Information Science and Engineering Institute, SIGOLED work out a unique road of "Teaching Research and Production".
       SIGOLED lighting has a professional team dedicated to the field of LED R&D,including optics, structure,electronic,thermotics,etc.Jacky, the founder of SIGOLED is "High-level Talent" invited by Nan''an Government. He has highly experience in the field of LED packaging, testing,and lighting design, and employed as assistant professor of Optics and Photonics Institute,opto-electronic teacher of Fujian Normal University.In addition,Jacky and professor Guo are now leading a research team with more the ten Maters in Huaqiao University.The team engaged in the direction of LED packaging,LED lighting design and solar LED lighting systems,and research eight patents and a number of thesis.
        SIGOLED lighting has a excellent team of oversea sales.Our products are exported to many regions such as America, Canada, Europe (Italy,Spain...), Southeast Asia, The Middle East.
       Many news media and organizations are attracted to interview SIGOLED lighting:China Economic Daily, China Education Daily,Fujian Daily, Quanzhou Evening News, Quanzhou TV, Nan-an TV, Jin-jiang TV (Finance Channel ), HK Ifeng, International Lighting Magazine, ALighting, GG-LED, Xiamen LED Promotion Center,Huaqiao University etc.
      SIGOLEDLITE has ISO 9001 and TUV certificates, so all the products delivered from SIGOLED are quality guaranteed with ISO and IEC standards. Under such quality guarantees, its products are widely applied in many industrials, such as outdoor lighing, commercial lighting, industrial lighting, machine lighting, indoor lighting, etc.  
      Flexibility is another strength of SIGOLEDLITE. It provides various services at flexible quantities from prototype to mass production in a flexible way, to meet different requirements from clients. 
       Quanzhou Lighting Technology Insititute was set up in 2015 which was invested by SIGOLEDLITE and supported by Science and Technology Department of Quanzhou city goverment.Our insititute is working with many LED and solar experts from local university.
      Lumencore Opto Group (HK) Co.,ltd was set up in 2012 which invested by SIGOLEDLITE CEO Jackyben Lynn. Lumencore is useful for our international business.