Why do the LED lights flash frequently
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Why do the LED lights flash frequently

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 The cause of the flicker may be that the load current is too large or the load voltage is too small, which is lower than the low output voltage of the power supply, resulting in automatic protection. The LED lamp beads do not match the LED drive power. Normally, a single 1W lamp bead can withstand current: 280-300mA and voltage: 3.0-3.4V. If the lamp bead chip is not of sufficient power, it will cause the flicker phenomenon of the light source. If the current is too high, the lamp bead will not be able to withstand it.


1: The LED light flashes, which is the latter case: During the charging of the capacitor, the light is off-because the internal current of the capacitor is small, the charging speed is very slow. When the capacitor is fully charged, it releases electrical energy at one time, which will light up the electric lamp, but because there is less stored electric energy, the electric lamp will soon go out-repeated charging and discharging.

2: If the outdoor lighting also has a strobe flashing on and off phenomenon, it is that the lighting has entered the water, the lamp beads and the driver will be broken.

3: Even in LED driving applications that provide good power factor correction and support TRIAC dimming, electromagnetic interference (EMI) filters are required. Transient currents caused by TRIAC steps will excite EMI filters. Natural resonance of inductor and capacitor.

4: Switch-controlled zero line, which means that the live wire is directly connected to the electric lamp (capacitor). If there is a low potential in the line at this time, a potential difference will be formed-another name for the potential difference, called voltage. But the potential difference at this time is much smaller than 220V. When a voltage is applied across the capacitor, a weak current is generated.

5: The neutral line is easily charged-especially the neutral line of the electric lamp. Mainly because the light switch is too unreliable.

6: The design of the voltage sampling circuit is unreasonable, the power supply voltage is too low, and the power supply cannot start because it is lower than the normal working voltage.

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