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LED industry weekly news

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1. FEILO SYLVANIA is recalling its Start Track Spot Integral luminaries because of concerns about potential electric shock hazard.

2. The office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) said that from May 18, 2020, the 201 tariff exemption for double-sided solar photostatic modules will be officially canceled.

solar street light 

3. On May 19th, the United Kingdom announced a new tariff system covering that LED lights will be exempted from customs duties ,will be implemented from January 1, 2021.

4. Germany is agreed to call off 52 GW cap for solar incentives in future.

5. According to a survey report released by Omdia, it is expected that the global smart lighting business income will double in the next few years.

6. the New York Metropolitan Transportation Agency (MTA) was reported that will invest $ 1 million to purchase 150 sets of ultraviolet double-head lamps and begin disinfection in subways, buses, and commuter trains next week.

7. Researchers achieves high mobility with thin film tin dioxide, paving way for clear and transparent LEDs.

8. Fluence supports cannabis research of compassionate cultivation with LED lighting solutions.

9. Signify announced that its lighting portfolio will meet the new EU Ecodesign and Energy labeling regulations, which will affect all lighting products in the EU Member States from September 2021 onwards. 

10. Apple Rumored to Launch AR Smart Glasses Featuring LiDAR Sensor in 2021.

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