How to choose solar street lights correctly?
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How to choose solar street lights correctly?

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The most important thing of solar street light is the life, brightness of the system and the number of days of continuous lighting in continuous rainy days!

  First, consider the life of the whole lamp first, there are several factors:

   1, the life of the LED constant current drive device:

   Solar street light manufacturers often tell customers that I bought the best chips and the best batteries, so the life is the best. In fact, because solar street lights are powered by DC, the voltage is low and the current is large. Every component is critical, as small as The internal resistance of a connector, the resistivity of the wire (because P wire loss = 12R). Of course, it has been proved that the main reason that affects the life of solar street lamps in actual use is to depend on the life of the battery and the driving circuit of the LED light source. Take LED lamp beads, the recognized life of LED lamp beads is 50000-100000 hours, but the conventional technology LED drive constant current source has an electronic component electrolytic capacitor, the service life of electrolytic capacitor is generally 3-5 years. The best Japanese ruby in electrolytic capacitors can only be guaranteed for 5 years, which determines the life of the LED driver. Our LED driver is our patented LED digital constant current source driving technology. It does not require Electrolytic capacitors are not limited by their lifespan, and the life of LED lamp beads, LED drivers, controllers and solar panels is basically the same. The main materials are semiconductors.

   2. Another factor is the battery life.

   Solar street lamps generally use AGL or GEL batteries. Conventional technology can achieve a good service life of 3-5 years. Our technology can achieve 8-10 years. This is because the battery life is mainly affected by deep cycles. The impact of the number of times and the temperature of the working environment. Based on other common solar LED street lights, our company's patented technology saves energy by 70-85%, which greatly extends the cycle of the battery's deep cycle once, thereby extending the life of the battery. The impact of life is very large. Our company uses nanotechnology in the battery to be breathable and waterproof. The battery is buried below the frozen soil layer, so that our battery can obtain the best working temperature of 20-25 degrees Celsius. Most of the batteries are hung on light poles or on the ground (because there is no waterproof design). It is conceivable that in the hot summer, the temperature of the battery box is so high that every 10 degrees Celsius temperature rises, the battery life is reduced by half.

  Second, consider the brightness of the entire lamp;

   Solar street light is not to say that the larger the power of the light source is, there are many manufacturers who falsely report the power, or buy low lumen lamp beads to reduce costs. In fact, the same brightness is reached. The lower the light source power, the better, indicating power saving. Now on the market The luminous efficiency of other companies' LED light sources is 80-100Lm / W, and the light attenuation is high, and the light attenuation of 1 year reaches 15% -30%. Our LED light source uses high-quality LED chips and low patented technology. Light decay structure and process, the luminous efficiency reaches 130-140Lm / W, and the light decay is less than 4% for 10,000 hours. After testing, the actual light decay is only about 2-3%, and our company's LED lamp beads directly emit rectangular light spots. The light is evenly distributed on the road, which greatly improves the utilization efficiency and average illuminance of the light source, while the spots emitted by the LED light sources of other companies are round or imaged with a lens (the loss of brightness is also nearly 10-20%), causing waste of light.

   3. Next, consider the number of bright days that resist long rainy days:

   At present, most solar street lights can only achieve continuous rainy days of 3-7 days, which is far from meeting the requirements of climate change around the world, because the continuous rainy days in most areas exceed 3-7 days. Solar street lights can reach 3-5 times of the same configuration of conventional technology, and continuously light up to 35 days of continuous rainy days. Why is this? The patented solar street light controller invented by our company can make our company's solar LED street light save 70-85% energy, which means that our company's solar street light consumes only 20% of the power of conventional solar LED street light (1- 80% = 20%), which is 1/5, that is, 6 days of rainy weather can be achieved through conventional technology, and we can achieve continuous rainy days for nearly 30 days. Maybe many people ask me how did I do it? The principle is as follows:

   A: Solar street light LED light source adopts digital drive technology to save 20% of electricity than conventional technology.

Currently, most of the light sources used in solar street lights use LEDs, and LED lighting requires an LED-driven cross-current source. Conventional constant-current sources consume about 20% of the power of the entire lamp. Our company uses LED digital constant-current sources to drive patented technology. The power of this digital constant current source is only 0.0625 (IC) W, which is almost negligible, which saves our street lamp power consumption by nearly 20%.

   B: LED digital constant current source drive, achieve intermittent power supply, save electricity by nearly 50%,

Conventional technology of solar LED street lights must continuously and constantly supply power to the lamp beads while our LED digital constant current source uses intermittent switches to supply power to the LED light source. LED is a light-emitting diode. It is a semiconductor device. The characteristic of a semiconductor is the switching characteristic. It is different from ordinary light sources. It has too many switching times and is easy to burn and damage. The design switching frequency is 10K-100KHz, and the electricity is used for half of the unit time and half of the time without electricity. This immediately makes our company's solar street lights save 50% of energy. After testing, the actual energy saving is more than 47.3%. And the lamp heating and light decay are 30-40% lower than the conventional constant current technology. Extremely short switching times cannot be sensed by the human eye and analog luminometers.

   C. In the middle of the night, the LED light source gradually saves energy by more than 15%;

   In the middle of the night, the number of pedestrian vehicles on the road will be greatly reduced. Therefore, an energy-saving mode can be set in the middle of the night. Through intelligent control technology, the power of the LED light source is gradually reduced to the power you want, and then maintained until dawn, and other The company's right is suddenly dropped to a target value, which is very unfavorable for pedestrian vehicles; generally, our design is about 15% energy saving in the middle of the night, to ensure that there is sufficient brightness.

   In short: energy saving and energy saving can save the cost of solar power generation, so that consumers can buy good things and save money. Shangqiu Lvyuan Lighting Equipment Co., Ltd. promises the same brightness to our several optimal, longevity and rainy days The time and other characteristics are the strongest. Of course, the same configuration of our lamps is nearly 2.3 times brighter than the conventional technology. The life of each component is consistent, the life of the entire lamp is long, and the maximum resistance to continuous rainy days is more than 35 days. From the above analysis and comparison, I believe you have reached the answer you want.

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