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Energy storage power, as the name implies, it is a machine that can store electricity, built-in lithium-ion batteries, the capacity is generally in the 100Wh ~ 3000Wh. It is also called as portable lithium-ion battery storage power (Portable Energy Storage, PES).

With the new energy cars to replace fuel cars, electric motorcycles to replace fuel motorcycles, we can see that the mission of energy storage power in the new energy market has been established.


The two most common application of these products are outdoor trips, anti-earthquake and disaster prevention. In addition, they can also be used to power medical equipment, mainly used for respirators, to reducing the risk of personal safety in the event of an emergency(No utility power).


Using gas generators indoors, runs the risk of creating toxic fumes and potentially deadly accidents, also create a ton of noise. Rather than dealing with messy fuel of gas generators, the portable power station can also be connected to solar panels to obtain an unlimited supply of free electricity.


So what exactly is the best portable power station?


1. Though it’s true that portable power stations are mainly composed of a large battery, the add-ons are what warrant the term “station.” There are multiple port options–like AC or wall outlets, USB plugins, and 12V ports, allowing to charge various devices. Portable power stations simply store energy safely for you to use whenever needed, which can connect to solar panels to recharge. Digital screens show input and output. The appearance is like a luggage that can be moved at any time, small size and light weight, easy to carry, providing a reliable power supply for all kinds of emergency situation.

2. There are two output methods–AC and DC output. AC output is generally used for household appliances, can drive small power devices–like rice cooker, coffee maker, also can use the plug to charge many electrical devices. DC output can be charged for cell phones, tablets and other intelligent devices, and can even be used to charge the car starter battery.


3. SIGOLED portable power station is a rechargeable battery-powered generator. Equipped with two AC outlet, which can output the energy to electric fans, juice machines, refrigerators and other devices. Three DC round ports for powering DC bulbs. Three USB-A output ports and one USB-C charging port, they can charge for smart phones, laptops etc.


We can simply press a button for silent, gas-free power, that makes portable power stations more easier to use. In recent years, SIGOLED has been able to develop large enough power stations to sustain high-energy equipment - like power tools, air compressors, and large appliances. Because our portable power stations can keep working safely, they are ideal as a home backup solution, while also remaining portable for outdoor usage.



There are a few key factors to consider when selecting the best portable power station for you. 



The capacity of a portable power station indicates the amount of power stored in the battery. Do you want to protect your home from blackouts, or build an off-grid cabin? Our SIGOLED portable power stations are expandable up to 4.8 kWh with our expansion kits to maximize capacity. Thanks to the enhanced capacity, you can charge the devices from a wall or car outlet by using our portable power stations.


SIGOLED portable power stations can be divided into small storage, medium storage and large  storage according to capacity, with 330Wh portable storage system, 500Wh storage system, 1000Wh storage system, etc. Most of the products are added with USB-C charging ports and support PD 60W fast charging.




Though all our power stations are portable, lugging around a 70 pounds power station to charge just a laptop isn’t exactly ideal. If you know you need minimal power, like powering your drone or camera batteries over a weekend trip, you can choose one of our small but mighty power stations, like the SIGOLED 500Wh.



One of the best features of SIGOLED portable power stations is able to recharge 100% from solar power. We have a wide range of solar panels that are both portable and mountable. So, whether you are the one who likes camping or who wants solar panels mounted to caravan roof, once you know your power needs and the circumstances you will be using your portable power station most frequently, we have options for a wide range of setups. The portable power station can be customized to fit your specific needs.

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