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Technical Paper
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Technical Paper

  • What are the tips for installing solar street lights?

    When installing solar street lamps, consider the basic pouring, check whether the installation site is backfilling. If it is backfilling, the foundation pit should be deepened to increase the stability of the solar streetlights. When installing, try to avoid installing in low-lying roads. .1: The in   Read More>

  • How to check the quality of solar street lamp head

    The lamp head of the solar street lamp must use the led light source. When installing the lamp head, we must consider its volume. If the volume is too large, the load on the socket will be great, and it is easy to cause safety hazards. LED lamp heads are relatively small in size because they are mad   Read More>

  • Precautions for the use of road lights

    The road street light control method includes a position tracking detection unit, an LED street light, a street light control unit, a street light darkening control unit, an information transmission unit, and a street light driving unit. If the positioning tracking receiver or the adjacent position   Read More>

  • Solar street light controller common faults and solutions

    The solar street light controller is the core component of the street light control. If the debugging is not correct, the controller will be faulty and the controller will not work normally, which will affect the normal lighting of the street light. The following Lang Kun Lighting Xiaobian summarize   Read More>


Add:  National UniversityScience Park, Photoelectric Information Industrial Base, DaXiamei Town, Nanan City, Fujian ,China Tel+86-0595-68997709
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