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Technical Paper
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Technical Paper

  • Solar street light controller common faults and solutions

    The solar street light controller is the core component of the street light control. If the debugging is not correct, the controller will be faulty and the controller will not work normally, which will affect the normal lighting of the street light. The following Lang Kun Lighting Xiaobian summarize   Read More>

  • Advantages of road lighting energy-saving lithium battery solar street light

    There are three major types of solar cells in solar street lamps, namely lithium batteries, lead-acid batteries and colloidal batteries. Among them, lithium batteries are increasingly favored by the solar industry because of their higher service life.First, the energy storage is high, because the li   Read More>

  • Solar street light FAQ (2)

    5. How to ensure the quality of solar street light products?The quality assurance of solar streetlight products requires four steps:1) Reasonable configuration must be based on the local latitude and longitude to query the lighting conditions of the past 10 years, calculate the local average effecti   Read More>

  • Solar street light FAQ (1)

    1. What is the average effective sunshine time in the local area?Solar panels are powered by solar energy. It is necessary to consider the local annual sunshine time. It also needs to take into account the time when the morning sun just came out and the sun sets in the evening. Although the light ca   Read More>


Add:  National UniversityScience Park, Photoelectric Information Industrial Base, DaXiamei Town, Nanan City, Fujian ,China Tel+86-0595-68997709
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