Solar street light FAQ (2)
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Solar street light FAQ (2)

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5. How to ensure the quality of solar street light products?

The quality assurance of solar streetlight products requires four steps:

1) Reasonable configuration must be based on the local latitude and longitude to query the lighting conditions of the past 10 years, calculate the local average effective sunshine, according to the daily power consumption, continuous rainy days.

2) The compatibility and matching of various components, solar street lights are not simple assembly, the parameters of each component must be coordinated with each other. If the manufacturer only does one or two of the components, the power of the solar panel and the capacity of the battery are all outsourced. Even if the quality of the components can be guaranteed, it is difficult to make all the components compatible (for example: do A parameter controller, the factory voltage of the battery is 1V, which may lead to the end of life of the solar street lamp. It is recommended that you purchase the solar lamp products, it is best to buy the same manufacturer.

3)The correct installation, solar street lights look very simple, a few lines are connected, the lights are on the line. If you want the solar street light to be installed and do not need to be repaired, then you must pay attention to the installation angle of the solar panel, the winding method of the wiring tape, and the placement position of the controller. These are all done, your solar street light is Really maintained.

4)Regular inspection, if there are some problems such as the wire falling off and the screw not tightening during the installation of the solar street lamp, the fault will eventually occur. For example, if the line of the solar panel is not taken off or the contact is not good, the controller will detect that the day has not been bright, and will not re-time, and will not turn on the light at night. If the battery is just about to be protected, the battery will be deeply depleted due to the power consumption of the controller itself and the self-discharge of the battery. As a result, even if you troubleshoot the battery, the battery will not be charged. Factory repairs, including the orientation of the solar panels, are significantly deviated from the location when you were originally installed or the local dust is too much, which will cause the solar panels to absorb poor light and eventually cause battery failure.

6. What data do you need to provide for solar streetlights?

1)The nature of the road (main roads, secondary roads, township roads, country roads, communities).

2)The width of the road

With the above two points of data, we can recommend the height of the pole, the wattage of the light source, and the spacing of the poles.

3)The place to install. Determine the average effective sunshine time at that time, and recommend the basic dimensions and pole diameter and wall thickness according to climate and geological conditions.

4)The lighting time every day

5)Design continuous rainy days with normal lighting

With the above three data, we can recommend the power of the solar panel, the capacity of the battery, and the power of the controller.


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