Solar street light FAQ (1)
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Solar street light FAQ (1)

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1. What is the average effective sunshine time in the local area?

Solar panels are powered by solar energy. It is necessary to consider the local annual sunshine time. It also needs to take into account the time when the morning sun just came out and the sun sets in the evening. Although the light can generate electricity, it is not enough. To charge the battery, the data obtained from the actual situation of the three aspects is the average effective sunshine time of the local area.

2.How to arrange the light pole?

In order to ensure the maximum effect of street lighting, taking into account the width of the road and the height of the pole, the best effect is to make the range of the light to overlap 5-10 meters. From the end of the road, you can basically see Not in the dark area, the night lighting effect of the entire road is very beautiful.

The arrangement of the light poles is divided into three types: one-side installation, two-sided symmetric parallel installation, and two-sided dog teeth and installation;

Unilateral installation is suitable for: rural roads and park trails with a width of less than 6 meters;

Symmetrical installation on both sides is normally applicable to roads with a width of more than 6 meters;

The two sides of the canine teeth are installed and installed normally: in order to consider the input cost, the distance between the poles is large, and the width is more than 6 meters.

3.How to choose the installation location of solar street lights?

Solar street lights are powered by sunlight, so it is important to pay attention to the sun's rays on the solar panels when choosing the installation location. When encountering trees on the side of the road, try to be farther away from the trees when doing the basics: When the house is in a higher area than the pole, consider placing the solar panels on the roof and then routing them to the controller.

4.How to design continuous working rainy days?

The design rainy days should be adapted to the local climatic conditions. Under normal circumstances, even if the local rain is rare, you should consider that the minimum can not be less than 3 days, otherwise the battery will end the life ahead due to excessive discharge; even if the local rainy season is more Long, cloudy and rainy days, you should also consider that the number of rainy days should not exceed 7 days, otherwise the cost of the whole set of lamps will increase a lot.

    Recommendation: The design of the rainy days is divided into two files for 3-5 days and 5-7 days. If you want to increase the number of rainy days without even increasing the cost, and even hope that the lights will not be extinguished 365 days a year, you must tell us that all the components of our solar street lamps are self-produced (including solar panels, LED lamps, batteries, light poles, controllers, we will adjust the parameters of the battery and controller to achieve the desired effect, but the battery life will be shortened accordingly.


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