SIGOLED CEO JackeyBen: uphold and inherit Huada's "photoelectric spirit"
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SIGOLED CEO JackeyBen: uphold and inherit Huada's "photoelectric spirit"

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The "photoelectric spirit" of the alma mater, Huaqiao University, was mentioned by Jackeyben and his colleagues many times. Jackeyben, who has successfully started his own business in semiconductor LED lighting industry, always pays close attention to the development of his alma mater, Overseas Chinese University, especially the development of optoelectronics. Seven years after graduation, he still has a close relationship with his alma mater: his founder, SIGOLED Lighting, joined his alma mater, Overseas Chinese University, at the "June 18" Strait Project Fair; he undertook the opening project of the Key Laboratory of Optical Transmission and Transformation in Fujian Province of Overseas Chinese University; and he took the lead in establishing the first graduate school of Overseas Chinese University. The Optoelectronic Association of Overseas Chinese University, an academic group, and the QQ Group of the Management Association, bring together a group of Chinese students majoring in Electronic Science and technology, optics, optical engineering, Physical Electronics and other undergraduate and postgraduate disciplines. Post graduate internship and research and development positions.

Jackeyben is the general manager and technical director of Fujian Quanzhou SIGOLED Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. and executive vice-president of Quanzhou Lighting Engineering Technology Research Institute. He was admitted to the undergraduate specialty of Electronic Science and technology in the Institute of Information Science and Engineering of Huada University in 2002. He studied as a master of optics in 2006, and his teacher, Professor Guo Zhenning, concentrates on semi-guidance. Research on body LED packaging and lighting technology. During his seven-year youth at OCT, Jackeyben found his interest in the field of Optoelectronics - semiconductor LED lighting technology under the guidance of his electrical teachers and his own efforts. As early as before graduation in 2009, he helped instructors in the research group in accordance with enterprise standards to set up a semi-automatic LED packaging research and development line, for the follow-up teachers, students and sisters engaged in the field of LED research provides a good condition.

Looking back on his alma mater's study and life, Jackeyben admitted that the greatest regret was that the Optoelectronic Association of the University of Overseas Chinese, which he had founded, could not be inherited after the two sessions because of objective reasons. He said: "I am deeply aware of the importance of knowledge transmission, it can let confused college students see where their future is. The association is a good platform to connect teachers, postgraduates and undergraduates. I hope that teachers, students and sisters of photoelectric related professions can spontaneously apply for the association again, and I am willing to provide the necessary funding for the activities of the association.

With the passion for the transmission of photoelectric knowledge, since 2010, Jackeyben has taught photoelectric courses such as Semiconductor Optoelectronics and Semiconductor LED Lighting Technology in Minnan College of Science and Technology of Liming University and Fujian Normal University. In 2013, Jackeyben was appointed Visiting Associate Professor of Fujian Normal University Fujian Southern Institute of Science and Technology, and donated the "LED assembly optoelectronic training base" in the school, and was awarded the category A project of Fujian Education Department.

In the meantime, Lin has devoted all his energies to entrepreneurship and innovation in the field of Optics and electronics. He introduced ultra-thin light-guide technology and cooperated with Quanzhou enterprises to provide in-car LED advertising light box for nearly 1,000 buses in Quanzhou; he developed lithium batteries and LED integrated solar LED street lamps to help the construction of "beautiful countryside" in Quanzhou; he still participated in the academic research of Professor Guo Zhenning's LED research group and adopted the patent technology of invention. Technology - Spectrum construction technology provides scientific LED spectra for medical, agricultural, weaving and other industries, and achieves the purpose of transformation and upgrading of traditional industries. For example, in collaboration with international medical research institutes, medical spectra of neonatal jaundice based on clinical trials have been provided; LED tea color lamp has been developed in communication with tea farmers in Anxi, which is conducive to improving tea picking efficiency; plant growth lamps suitable for cultivation of edible fungi and health-preserving medicinal materials have been developed with plant factories; because of the "dengue fever" epidemic Intelligence channels and market demand, the development of the "world light LED mosquito killing artifact," became the "6.18" Quanzhou Brand Pavilion in 2016 a major highlight.

It is precisely the love and perseverance of the photoelectric industry, and the exploration and efforts of innovation that Jackeyben has participated in more than 10 projects, including 4 provincial-ministerial projects, 8 municipal and county-level projects, 10 academic papers and more than 70 national patents, including 5 invention patents (part for cooperation). He set up "Nan'an LED product detection and technology information service platform" in 2012; Quanzhou Shixin Intelligent Lighting Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd. was established in 2015 to invest in the construction of Quanzhou Lighting Engineering Technology Research Institute; in March 2016, he was awarded "Nan'an City Science and Technology Innovation Leading Talents", "Quanzhou City introduces high-level entrepreneurial innovation." In June 2016, he was appointed as a member of the Photoelectric Expert Committee by Guangdong Photoelectric Technology Association, and won the second prize of Nan'an Science and Technology Progress Award in October 2016.

Jackeyben said that the campus culture of his alma mater "unified domination, multi-integration, harmony but different" was of great help to him. The concern and help of Professor Pu Jixiong, Professor Zhuang Qiren, Professor Guo Zhenning and other teachers from the students'office and alumni's office for his entrepreneurial road gave him family-like warmth. From freshman Mu Nai to junior's interest to the firm of Yanyi, Lin Jieben has inherited the pursuit of optoelectronic high-tech spirit of the teachers of the Department of Electrical Engineering in the School of Information of Huaqiao University. He hopes to convey his love of optoelectronic to the teachers, students, teachers and sisters of Huaqiao University.


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