Precautions for the use of road lights
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Precautions for the use of road lights

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 The road street light control method includes a position tracking detection unit, an LED street light, a street light control unit, a street light darkening control unit, an information transmission unit, and a street light driving unit. If the positioning tracking receiver or the adjacent positioning tracking receiver detects the positioning tracking detecting unit, the lighting is performed, otherwise the light is turned off, and the lightening condition is continuously determined; the control light is on, if the positioning tracking receiver or adjacent The positioning tracking receiver does not detect the positioning tracking detecting unit and performs a delay to turn off the light. When the positioning tracker detects the moving object in the pedestrian mode, the current street light darkening control program passes the street light control unit and the street light driving unit to make the current LED street light fully illuminated, and if no moving object is detected to the adjacent positioning tracker after detecting, When the detected moving object is detected adjacent to the nth positioning tracker, the current street light brightness is illuminated by (100-(n-1)q)% of the brightness of the adjacent street light corresponding to the nth positioning tracker.

(1) Confirm the suitable equipment mode of the luminaire, adjust the equipment bracket, and then prepare the three-core cable of the corresponding length according to the interval between the luminaire and the power contact.

(2) Introduce the cable through the cable introduction hole at the rear of the lamp into the lamp cavity, and connect the cable according to the polarity indicated on the terminal block of the lamp. After connecting the wire, press the cable to compress the cable.

(3) Insert the light pole into the introduction hole of the equipment bracket, and select the suitable gear position to place the light pole in the bracket cylinder according to the viewpoint of lighting demand, and tighten the pressing bolt of the pressing light pole to connect the light pole with the light fixture. robust.

(4) When replacing the bulb, unscrew and pull out the lamp holder, unscrew the old bulb, replace it with a new one, and press the lamp holder with the appropriate gear position. The 400W bulb uses the outermost gear, and the 250W lamp is used most. The internal gear position and the central gear position are used for dispatching, pushed into the lamp cavity and screwed tightly.

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