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Industry News

  • How to detect problems with solar street lights?

    If there is a problem with the solar street light, first check if the battery indicator of the controller is lit. Check if the connection line between the controller and the battery is off. If the connection line is normal, use a multimeter to check the battery voltage, the battery voltage is normal   Read More>

  • New rural solar street light installation precautions

    1. Site selection: Since the solar street lamp is powered by absorbed solar energy, the installation and location of the solar street lamp is very important. The street lamp must be installed in a place with sufficient light and long exposure time, and there should be no big trees nearby. Or buildin   Read More>

  • See also LED bulb replacement tide! Dubai launches “160,000” replacement plan

    The Dubai Power Company and government residential units have joined forces to promote the lighting replacement program. This project mainly replaces traditional lamps with LED bulbs.In collaboration with local energy company ETIhad, Dubai Power is expected to replace 500 buildings in AlBarsha, AlWa   Read More>

  • How to realize urban energy saving and development status of intelligent street lamp control system

    At the Guangzhou Building Electrical Technology Exhibition, Riscom exhibited smart energy control system solutions such as street lighting intelligent control systems, air conditioning energy saving centralized management systems, heating metering management systems, and energy monitoring management   Read More>


Add:  National UniversityScience Park, Photoelectric Information Industrial Base, DaXiamei Town, Nanan City, Fujian ,China Tel+86-0595-68997709
E-mail: Nicole nicole@sigoledlight.com       Jacky jacky@sigoledlight.com
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