How long do solar lights stay on at night?
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How long do solar lights stay on at night?

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Solar powered lights have been widely used in recent years, no electricity, save your money.They can be installed anywhere there is sunshine. Do you know how long the solar lights will stay on at night?

Solar flood lights usually stay on 3-6 hours at night. There are many factors that determine the lighting time of solar flood lights, such as the sunlight, the capacity of battery, the quality of the solar floodlight, etc. So if you want the solar light stay on for longer time, please choose a good quality solar flood light with a large capacity of battery, also install it towards the sun directly .

So how to choose a best quality solar flood lights?

1. High Texture Housing

The housing material of our solar flood lighting is made of die-casting aluminum alloy, which has effective heat dissipation and protection from water and dust. UV resistance and corrosion resistance.

2. Lamp Shade

The lamp shade of our solar powered floodlights is ABS+PC shell in black, it's high temperature resistance and anti-aging performance, anti-UV, non-discoloration, V0 material, fire-proof, and good light transmission performance, reaching almost 85% or more.

3. Durable Battery Pack

Solar powered flood lights absorb energy mainly through the solar panel, stored in the battery pack, and then converted into electricity when required. So if you want to a best solar powered flood lamps, you need to consider the battery capacity. SIGOLED adopts lithium iron phosphate battery ( LiFePO₄) pack with big capacity, over-charge and over-discharge protection, safety and worry-free, longer service life. Fast charging and wide operating temperature range.

Where to buy a quality solar powered LED floodlights, our integrated 5-in-1 flood lights for garage yard deck path camping are your best choice.

Why choose our solar security floodlights?

1. Two Optional Working Modes

1.1 Sensor Mode:

- When battery power is greater than 30%, light sensor & motion sensor are both activated. 

- For light sensor, It will turn on and turn off from dusk to dawn automatically.

- For motion sensor, wider angle 120° detective digital PIR sensor, inductive by human movement, If you move near the sensor, it will automatically turn on.

1.2 Keep Lighting Mode

- When battery power is less than 30%, light sensor & motion sensor are both disabled, our light lamp will turn on and keep bright.

2. Flexible and Adjustable

- 360° adjustable solar panel, which can get best charging in different countries, flexible and ultra-thin, space-saving. Easy to carry, you can adjust the angle with screws directly. 

3. Mono Crystalline Silicon

- strong and durable mono crystalline silicon solar panel, tempered glass laminated.

4. Bright LED Chips

- Quality SMD 2835 LED chips, less light decay. Good optical lens for more concentrated and bright light output, anti-glare.

5. LiFePO₄ Pack

- Big capacity lithium battery ( LiFePO₄) pack, which is over-charge and over-discharge protection, safety and fast recharging.

6. 5-in-1 Multi Functional Working

- Function 1: Wall mounted as floodlight, wall light, security lights etc.

- Function 2: Standable as work lighting, emergency lights etc.

- Function 3: Portable as camping lights, flash light etc.

- Function 4: Hanging as wall lamps.

- Function 5: Pole mounted as garden lighting, street lights, pathway luminaires, etc.

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